Conjure the smile on my face so it covers up the pain. I should be happy. My life is one that many envy.

Conjure the tears away, so no one sees. What reason do I have to cry? No one really knows.

Conjure a peaceful place so I can be alone with my thoughts. I feel so overwhelmed with my thoughts and worries. Home, children, husband, parents, it just doesn’t end. I need to find time for myself. Time to take care of myself and just breather even.

Conjure the bravery to face the fears of the world around me. It is exhausting, continually putting on a show. Just listen to the news and you’ll hear the fears of my life. I worry for myself, my sons, my husband even. The tides of politics are turning away from us. Hatred is being conjured from places beyond our circle of influence. Maybe one day someone can conjure all of this away.


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